Αντίσταση στα μεταλλαγμένα στην Τουρκία


Αντίσταση στα μεταλλαγμένα στην Τουρκία

Στις 16 Μαρτίου ο κρατικός φορέας TMO (Γραφείο προϊόντων γης) είχε αναγγείλει ότι θα εισαγάγει 235.000 τόνους καλαμποκιού για τροφή από την Αργεντινή, την Ουκρανία, τη Βουλγαρία, την Ουγγαρία και την ΕΕ.

110.000 τόνοι αυτού του καλαμποκιού αναγγέλθηκε ότι θα εισαχθούν από την Αργεντινή. Οι κοινωνικές οργανώσεις είχαν προειδοποιήσει την κυβέρνηση και είχαν δηλώσει δημόσια ότι το καλαμπόκι, που θα εισαχθεί από την Αργεντινή, ίσως περιέχει ΓΤΟ και δεν πρέπει να μπεί στη χώρα. Αλλά στα μέσα Απριλίου 40.000 τόνοι καλαμποκιού έφτασαν στο λιμάνι Bandirma και ξεφορτώθηκαν χωρίς οποιοδήποτε επίσημο έλεγχο ή ανάλυση.

Οι οργανώσεις πήραν δείγματα από το καλαμπόκι και τα έστειλαν σε ένα ανεπίσημο εργαστήριο να τα ελέγξει. Δεδομένου ότι τα αποτελέσματα δείχνουν ότι τα δείγματα περιέχουν μεταλλαγμένα γονίδια, θα σταλούν και σε ένα αναγνωρισμένο εργαστήριο στο εξωτερικό για περαιτέρω ανάλυση.

Όλο το κείμενο της τουρκικής «No to GMOs Platform» στα αγγλικά:

The Government is Poisoning The People

On the 16th of March the state organisation TMO (Soil Products Office) has announced on her web site that TMO will import 235.000 tons of corn for feed, from Argentina, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary and the EU.

110.000 tons of this corn was announced to be imported from Argentina.

The civil society organisations have warned the government and declared to the public that the corn, which will be imported from Argentina, might contain GMOs and must not enter the country.

But in mid april, 40.000 tons of corn has reached to Bandirma port and has been unloaded withouth any official control nor analysis.

The civil organisations have taken samples from the corn and send them to an unofficial laboratory to be checked. Since the results show that the samples contain GM genes, they will be sent to an accredited laboratory abroad for further analysis.

On Wednesday (2nd May) two local newspapers of Bandirma have quoted Mr.Kemaloglu, general manager of TMO, stating that the corns coming from Argentina are containing GMOs but there is no regulation in Turkey prohibiting the enterance of GMO crops.

However, being a party and signatory of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (, in compliance with the Protocol, Turkey must put into place due procedures for the import and export of GMOs under its Biosafety Law. (Turkey still does not have a Biosafety Law to control and regulate GMO issues). Therefore, the Turkish Government is acting illegally under international law. Moreover, the government does not show any respect to the demands of consumers and farmers, who do not want GM products in their country. We, the civil initiative, are blaming the governing party for poisining the people, by importing GM products to our lands and our tables.

The countries who have signed the Cartagena Protocol are committed not to ship GMOs to Turkey without an “advance informed agreement” and without due notification procedures either, so we are also warning the governments of the countries who produce and export GM crops that the Turkish people do not want your GMOs or any GM products in our country!

The principle of cautiousness requires not to import or grow GM crops in the country unless their safety is confirmed. Thus, the government that permits imports of GM crops and the officials, who do not prohibit the entry of these products with the pretext that there is no regulation about it, are guilty. The Turkish National Biosafety Law has not yet been put into force to regulate and control the GMOs ; nonetheless we do not believe that any system of labeling will decrease the potential risks from and the inherently dangerous nature of GMOs. Therefore the only precaution against genetic pollution is prevention – NO GMOs.

Turkey has a rich biodiversity on genetic sources and a country that can afford food sovereignty. But our country is being colonisied by agribiotechnology companies and the biopirates with the help of their local stakeholders. Our genetic sources, land, food and life are in danger. The government that is in deadly silence, and the officials that do not care about this colonisation, must pay for their crime.

We demand from the government to stop importing GMO crops, to draw back the GM corn that has been distributed as food and feed. And we remind that this is a crime and criminals must pay for their guilt in tribunals, or get on the ships that brought the GM corns and leave.

No to GMOs Platform

Turkey 8th May 2007